Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Touchdown - Melbourne, Australia

Landed in Melbourne this morning and so far I am feeling like I hit the ground running. After 2 long flights which I happened to luck out on and have nobody sitting by me on either (score!) I arrived this morning at 6am and feel like I have hit the ground running. 

I've already had a wander around and got my barings, been good shopping for the next few days and made 3 new friends in the hostel already. So far so good, even the hostel looks good and has a comfy feeling bed only downside is the lift is being renovated so we have to take the stairs up to our floor on 5. I figure this is my gym work out while I am here.

I'm feeling quite lucky because I don't think I have jet lag yet as it's mid afternoon and I still feel wide awake. We will see what the days have in store for me. Joining in some evening entertainment tonight and then tomorrow is a free pancake breakfast held by the hostel so we shall see what happens. 

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