Saturday, 13 September 2014

Melbourne - Settling in

So I have been In Australia 3 days so far and I am loving it. After getting over a bit of jet lag on day 2 and 3 I got the best night sleep last night and am feeling ready to take on my tour on Tuesday. 

At the time of writing this it is 10am and I have already woken up, been to the market for fresh vegetables and fruit, supermarket for basics and cooked a healthy breakfast (omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes, Yum) while catching up on social media and writing this post. Very productive.

I'm really enjoying cooking what I buy in the morning, the produce tastes so much better here than the UK I can't quite explain it. The locals are much friendlier too.

Melbourne, from what I am told, is going through a bit of a cold patch but is still stunningly beautiful. I have taken a couple of walks at night and while it is freezing it is so amazing to look at. So far I have walked most of the CBD and a little of Southbank and today we are going to find some of the lane ways for graffiti art.

Last night I went up the Eureka Skydeck which was on my Aussie bucket list, check one off, and then my friend Hannah took me to watch Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play at Hamer Hall. More on both of these soon. 

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