Wednesday, 8 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 14 30-09-14

Woke up this morning on the Ghan, the seats are actually really comfy to sleep in when you wiggle yourself into the right position, which for me was a ball. It was 6am when I woke up and the sun was starting to rise so I jumped out myself and into the food car to watch it and wait for them to start serving tea. I stayed here for most of the time until our stop over in Katherine at 9am.

I think everyone was tired and you could feel the coaches of the train getting warmer so it was no surprise when we got off the train to really hot humid weather. We transferred by bus to Katherine which is in Nitmulik NP for a 3 hour walk/breakfast/browse of the cultural centre though most of use were so tired once we made it to the lookout point we just wanted to head back to the centre for air conditioning and ice creams.

At midday we were back on the train for naps/lunch/gossiping  until we reached Darwin. I spent this time sorting some blog work out and backing up photos in the lunch car with Brett, Matt and Anton laughing as they talked rubbish. For me just great to be able to spend time with lads without being accused of wanting to date or sleep with them and I have really missed having a group of guy friends.

At Darwin we transferred to our accommodation and then went out to seay goodbye to Brett as he would not be guiding us around the national parks up here, it was sad for us to see him go but I hope we will stay in touch. We had dinner, danced with Fanny and Lisa and then headed to our rooms to re-pack for the next leg of our journey.

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