Tuesday, 7 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 12 28-09-14

This morning it was really difficult to wake up and I think all the late nights and early starts had finally gotten to me. We woke at about 4.30am to leave camp after a pancake breakfast, which was probably the only reason I rolled out of my swag, and off to go to Kings Canyon for the Rim Walk as the temperature was predicted to get up to the high 30s again.

The Rim Walk at Kings Canyon starts with a hill called 'Heart Attack Hill' and honestly I know why because if looking at then hill climb doesn't give you one the climb itself might! I have considered myself a reasonably healthy person by now with all the long walks we have done but I still struggled here.

The Rim walk is about 6-7km long and takes around 3 hours due to the rocky climbs and slopes you have to navigate but the views are worth it. Definitely a must do if you are near this part of Central Australia. You can also do a shorter walk which doesn't include heart attack hill, so if you don't want to spend that long you don't have to.

Our group managed to finish the Rim Walk in about 2 hours 15minutes so we made good time but I think it helped that we all walked to get out of the sun and into some shade. 

Then a long drive to Alice Springs. I know by now if you have been reading all my G-Tour posts you'll keep thinking "stop saying long drive it can have been far" but most drives were at least 5hours a day, our shortest to Coober Pedy was only 3 hours and our longest to Yulara from there 10 hours. Remember that Australia is a huge country and if you want to see the sights the only way to do this is with a lot of driving.

When we reached our Alice accommodation we went for a swim in their pool which while freezing was refreshing after a long hot day and then went out for dinner, drinks and a bit of dancing.while this may sound a bit party animal like we were back at our accommodation by 11pm.

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