Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mission Beach - Road Trip

We arrived at Mission Beach at 3pm Friday afternoon and the shuttle bus to our hostel was waiting to pick us up. Which was nice after how exhausted we all were from leaving Cairns. We are staying at Jackaroos hostel in Bingil Bay for 3 nights. After check in the owner too us for a quick guided tour and informed us this was not a party hostel and they ask everyone to respect the other guests.  Sounds perfect. 

We quickly settled into the hostel and had some dinner before the entire hostel when out to the local bar for drinks. There is lots of chatter between everyone, it doesn't seem to matter if you are in a group or not everyone talks to everyone and the atmosphere here is relaxed and polite.

On Saturday morning we decided to get out of Mission Beach for the day and rent a car, as there is no public transport here except the Greyhound bus that brings you in a takes you out of town. We headed up the highway in search of a few attractions. 
First up was Paronella Park, which is more a museum now to how the park used to be. Full of old run down buildings, lush gardens and trees that span centuries. It is a beautiful place to visit though I do think the price tag is a bit much for what you get. 

Secondly was Mamu Tropical Skywalk. Which have you incredible views through and over the rainforests of Wooroonooran National Park. The tower is especially worth climbing for views of the North Johnstone river. The only problem here were the flies that are big and love to bite you. Even with big spray on that the Skywalk staff provide the flies still come for you.

My favourite stop of the day was Josephine Falls. Natural swimming pools with water flowing down the rocks you can use as a water slide. While the water was freezing at first it was so refreshing once you were in it. I even slid down the natural slides a couple of times.

Driving on Australian roads is fun but it doesn't take a long time to get anywhere, you always think "almost there!" But you sill have at least another 20 minutes to go. Still as a first experience for me driving in a foreign country, I enjoyed it. 

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