Tuesday, 7 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 9 25-09-14

Left Coober Pedy this morning before the sun had even started to light up the sky for our long drive to Uluru. Everyone was feeling tired but we loaded into the bus and tried to get some more sleep. Unfortunately I can't normally sleep in cars so the weight of my lids became heavy on my eyes during the day. Music is a great uplifted for me so I stuck on some music and started writing a few posts and editing the video from my trip so far, I can at least try to be productive right?

We stopped off about 2 hours down the road at a servo for breakfast and hot cups of tea and coffee. Then back on the road for another few hours. In total it would take around 10 hours of driving from Coober Pedy to reach our accommodation out at The Rock though this flew by when Lisa and my game of eye spy gained our tour guides as players and they choose really crafty items for the game. One items guesses took nearly an hour in itself to guess, partly because of how stubborn Lisa and I were to get it right before we gave in.

We arrived at our campsite in Yulara around 2pm and set up camp, taking firewood and all our items off the bus before having lunch. At 4pm we left the campsite to buy our national park tickets and Brett drove us around Uluru (Ayers Rock) and explained so much about the indigenous culture and the dreamtime stories contained in The Rock itself. We got off the bus for a quick wander around a few of the sights and then went to the sunset viewing area to watch the colours of Uluru change in the sunset..

After this is was back to camp for a campfire, barbecue and a drink while looking quizzically at your swag and wandering how it would keep the dingos out. Brett took a few of us up to a viewing area to take photos of the stars, this was the first time I really missed having my DSLR as my powershot doesn't have a bulb function and so could not get a good enough shot. 

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