Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review : Chillis Backpackers - Darwin

I found Chillis on the whole to be a pleasant experience. I stayed in a 8 bed dorm though had the lucky experience of only having one other in the room for most of my stay here.
The rooms were fairly clean and were mopped daily. Contained its own sink and mirror per four people and 4 plug sockets total for the room. Bunks were comfortable and linens provided at check in with the option to have them replaced during your stay if you wanted to. 

The kitchen was large enough to cope with demand and you never really felt like you were in anyone's way. Pots and pans for cooking have to be 'rented' at reception and you leave your room key with them until you return the pans. Cutlery sets are also available to be rented for a $10 deposit at reception which you get back once they have been cleaned and returned. It seems a strange way of doing it but I have noticed it keeps the kitchen area much tidier and people do not leave plates lying around for other to clean adding to the clean look of the hostel.
The Hostel reception staff were friendly and helpful and always good to have a chat to. Wifi is unfortunately not free but can be brought for $4 for 24hours or  $14 for 7 nights through the global gossip network. 

Laundry factilities are available at $4 per machine. Drying machines were an additional $4 each which seems a little much when I have known other hostels do it from as little as $2 for a dryer. Shower facilities are clean and work well as do the toilets

There is a common area on the veranda opposite the kitchen which is great to sit at during the day and at night I have seen people playing x box games as a crowd. 

I found it generally quiet in the evenings with most of the noise dying down at around 10.30pm, whether this is because a lot of people look like they live here while they work I am not sure. The corridors are generally quiet most of the time. 

Disclaimer: My opinions in this review are entirely my own. I have not been asked or paid to review this

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