Thursday, 16 October 2014

My G Adventure Trip Top 5 - South to North YOLO

I thought since I have finally got down uploading all my G Adventure Tour posts a nice way to wrap it up would be to share with you my top 5 highlights from my trip. I know everyone's highlights will vary and there regally were too many highlights to put down but here are some of my top places to visit should you ever do this trip.

1. Uluru-Kata Tjuta NP - I don't think anyone could visit here and not love it. For me it was the history of this sacred that started me off and then I was won over with the clear starry skies, incredible sunrises and sunsets and the cherry in top? The remoteness of the location. No wifi. No phone signal. No Worries.

2. Swimming in Lichfield NP - Lichfield NP has so many cool swimming holes which is perfect in the muggy hot weather. It really got me back to my water baby days, floating on my back staring at the sky, jumping off the rocks into the deep pools. Everyone should do this at least once.

3. Beltana Station - I'm not sure if it was the amazing food out host cooked, the hospitality or the quaintness of Beltana Station that made me fall in love with it (though it probably was the golden syrup dumplings) but I did love Beltana. Again a remote location with glorious sunrises and sunsets over the Flinders Ranges and outback. 

4. The Ghan - British trains should be like this. Now I know I was travelling 24 hours straight on the Ghan but with business class style seats that recline and and spin around so you can face the people behind you it was pure comfort. I nearly ell asleep within 10 minutes of boarding. I spent a lot of time in the food car with my our mates but the staff were friendly and fun too which made the service a top 5 for me. 

5. Kings Canyon Rim Walk - So by the end of my trip I had had enough of walking but I still enjoyed the Rim Walk at Kings Canyon. It was probably my favourite hike, except heart attack hill which will never be enjoyable, for the views it gives, the changing rock surfaces and the cool breeze we got.

A sneaky number 6 would be all the indigenous rock art we saw but since we saw it in so many different places it's hard to say 'go here for this' my top picks would be Ubirr in Kakadu NP and at Uluru though. 

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