Friday, 17 October 2014

Review : Jackaroos Hostel - Mission Beach

Jackaroos hostel in Mission Beach is a slice of paradise for a fraction of the price of what larger corporations charge you and I found it to be a wonderful experience. Jackaroos is based out of Mission Beach at Bingil Bay really an so when you are dropped at the bus depot a shuttle bus is waiting to take you to the Accomodation.  As you pull up you feel a little removed from the normal again and walking. Down the pathway to reception you could mistake yourself to walking into a tropical hotel.

I was met at check in by the owner who then showed the new group around the hostel. He explained where everything was, how it worked and informed us it is not a party hostel and guests are asked to respect each other by being quiet in mornings and evenings, which I found happened during my stay. 
The place is open out to the elements with the common room and kitchen taking up the second floor with bedrooms on either side. Bedrooms for me took the form of a six bed dorm with a comfortable bed and linens were provided and read on the bed when we arrived. There is no air conditioning in the rooms but their is a large ceiling fan which I found was enough for my stay, though I did wonder if it would be enough in the height of summer. 

They hold movie nights most nights at 9pm in the common room but on our first night it was a trip to the local watering hole and then free wine in the hostel bar afterwards. The whole hostel went to the bar which I feel is a testament to the amazing atmosphere of the hostel. I made several friends who I will be seeing again down the east coast. Everyone was welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere was plesant and light.
The facilities included Hammocks, bar, showers, pool, kitchen and laundry. There are more than plenty plugs in the common room and bedrooms for everyone to charge their electronics and a safe environment which meant that you didn't feel like you needed a locker for your personal belongings.

The main downside to the hostel is location as you find you have to rely on the shuttle bus a lot to get into town for shopping and the beaches so I would recommend hiring a car if you have the money to get about as other than the greyhound there is no public transport in the area. 

Disclaimer: My opinions in this review are entirely my own. I have not been asked or paid to review this

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