Monday, 6 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 6 22-09-14

We left our accommodation around the usual time and headed out onto the road toward the Flinders Ranges. We are in some pretty long drive times at the moment but honestly I kind of enjoy them, especially since it gives me time to write out my posts so that I don't have to compromise time with the group in the evenings.

The Flinders Ranges are an old volcanic system,that form a barrier between green and arid land and are coated green from the trees and bush that cover the orange and brown rock underneath. We stopped off at a lookout point and then took to the walkways which took us to the pinnacle of Mt Ohlssen Bagge. It was a long walk. You definitely need some fitness to do it and despite drinking plenty of water on the way up I still felt dehydrated and exhausted by the time I reached the top 1 hour and 15 minutes after starting my climb.

The view from the top however was incredibly worth it (after I have eaten lunch and topped up my water) and the wind blowing over the ranges at the top was heavenly after very little wind on the way up. We spent a while up there taking photos, video and filming toward out G Adventure video before we made our way steadily downwards, which was of course much easier.

After the walk we stopped in at a shorter walk to see some indigenous rock carvings and at a lookout point before hitting out first dirt track of the tour. Dirt tracks are kind of fun to drive down so long as you make sure you are relaxed, you just have to bounce with the bumps so for me I put in my iPod and listened to some loud music.

Our accommodation for the evening was a sheep station in Beltana which came complete with a stunning sunset and an incredible dinner cooked by our host, which was beyond delicious and made from Lamb sourced from the station. Then we settled down and watched a film under the stars and Milky Way, my first view of the Milky Way in my life! It was a wonderful experience, even if I did fall asleep within 5 minutes of the film starting.

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