Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fraser Island with Fraser Explorer Tours

So yesterday I had the time of my life on the photographers paradise of Fraser Island. Fraser Island is a world heritage listed site and the largest sand Island in the world located just off the Queensland Coast and somewhere I wanted to tick off while on the east coast and now I just want to go back and see more. I woke early to catch my bus at 7.30am for the ferry crossing from Rainbow Beach to the Island and was a little excited when a big bus with 4x4 power and wheels came rolling up to the bus stop.
As you can imagine with Fraser being a sand Island they don't really have roads, just sand tracks and lots of opportunity to power the busses up the beaches right along the surf, which was an incredible experience to begin with. The things I witnessed in the few hours I explored Fraser however will stay with me. I was also lucky enough to see and photograph a Dingo within a few minutes of getting onto the Island, with a luck shot of its face just as it came around the front of our bus. One of my goals for my trip and since we didn't see anymore for the duration of our trip I was really happy to have had the opportunity.

Unfortunately after this we also saw a turtle washed up on the shore that had died. Our guide John explained this was because of littering usually as plastic bags wash into the see and because they look like jellyfish when floating in the waters, the turtles natural food, they eat them by mistake and die of starvation due to gas build up in their stomach stopping them from diving to get food. It is heartbreaking to see these beautiful creatures killed by humans just being too lazy to pick up their own rubbish and something I think people need to consider more.
After a breakfast stop at Eurong resort we made our way inland up to Lake Mackenzie a perched lake on one of the dunes of the Island. Lake Mackenzie was formed when leaves compacted to make a natural waterproof basin on top of the large dune and then filled with rainwater. It contains the purest water and underwater viewing visibility is up to 10 metres! I was completely in awe of the blues of the lake and the crystal water. Perfect for a swim, which of course when you are presented the opportunity to swim in one of the top 10 swimming spots in the world you have to do. 

After this was s trip to Central station to have a look at the rainforest and learn a little about the indigenous of Fraser Island that named the Island K'Gari or "Paradise". After this it was back to Eurong for some lunch before a speedy trip up the coastline to see the Maheno shipwreck, which is where I went a little photo crazy as all the rusted metal and oysters clinging to the shipwreck made for some amazing angles and interesting textures against the crystal blue waters and white sands. I chose to take a scenic flight over the Island to see everything from above, the sights were incredible and I would definitely recommend this.

We finished our day with a trip to the Pinnacles and Eli Creek for another chance to get in the water before heading back down the beach to get off the Island and come home. Seeing this small aspect of such an amazing Island makes me want to go back and explore this paradise more and I am sure I will next time I am on the east coast.

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