Tuesday, 7 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 11 27-09-14

Lisa and I were up early this morning to get up to the campsite viewing ground to try some light painting with her camera and take done pre-dawn photos of Uluru and Kata-Tjuta. The sky was still pitch black when we went up but by sunrise at 6.30am it was starting to show signs of a very hot day forming. Up until this point of the trip we had had hot days but this one was going to kick the scale up a notch.

Back to camp for breakfast where Brett had made us a cooked breakfast with leftover sausages etc from our barbecue and then we tidied the campgrounds up, fixed the firewood back to the trailer and left the campgrounds for one final trip into the National Park. This morning we attempted the base walk around Uluru ( Ayers Rock) after hearing some more creation stories and visiting a few sights used even to this day by the indigenous.

We then attempted the base walk but with the heat (around 36 degrees) and lack of shade we only made it about halfway round before I gave up and jumped back on the bus after 2 hours in the blaring sun. After everyone was back on the bus it was time to drive up to Kings Canyon for one more night of camping out in swags in the wilderness. We arrived at the campsite mid afternoon and relaxed under some shade. Brett and Matt cooked us up some soft burritos which the sauce was quite spicy for me but lots of sour cream helped. 

In the evening we sat around the campfire on our swags and Brett gave his a star talk, pointing out how to locate the Southern Cross, Scorpio and the test pot among other constellations and a little bit of an Astro-Physics lesson on why some are red and some are blue. This is where you need to start considering him the Kiwi version on Prof. Brian Cox. Tonight was and early-ish evening but not until we had taken more star photos.

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