Tuesday, 7 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 8 24-09-14

Me up early to leave William Creek though I didn't really need to as some of the group were taking scenic flights so we couldn't leave until they came back. The storm had passed us overnight and left a chilly wind to make my teeth chatter in the morning. Morning games of cheat were played accompanied by breakfast and copious amounts of tea.

Today's drive time was the shortest of our entire trip so far and we made good time heading to Coober Pedy, an opal mining town in the heart of the desert discovered when an explorers some wandered off and returned 24hours later with a sugar bag full of opals. Coober Pedy is the largest opal mining field in the world and is still being excavated to this day. People generally live underground as it is too hot to live above, especially in the summer when it can reach 50 degrees in the shade!

We got food at a local cafe and laughed as Brett and Fanny had a 5 minutes staring match completed with distraction attempts. After this we went to an art gallery with a kangaroo sanctuary attached to it and got to feed some injured kangaroos and meet an orphaned baby kangaroo that the owner was nursing in a pouch. We then took a look around the gallery and Tommy Crow an artist from Alice Springs was there painting original canvas pieces for the gallery that day. I treated myself to a piece that is being posted home for me so I can't wait to display it.

In the evening we decided to chill out in our underground house-hostel and Breett ordered us a load of pizzas to try including the "Coat Of Arms" which contained both animals on the Australian coat of arms, Emu and Kangaroo. My first taste of both of these animals and i would definitely have this pizza again. 

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