Thursday, 9 October 2014

Good Morning from Cairns!

On the move again! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be on the move and out of Darwin. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Darwin but I just felt like I was stagnating there. Stuck. I got all the things I wanted/need to do in Darwin in 3 days and with having prebooked a 7 night works package became utterly bored by day 4. 

Last night after only 6 nights in Darwin I boarded my Quantas flight to Cairns and here I am the morning after dashing reunited with my friends and ready to move down the coast later today. The second my plane took of last night I felt the exhilaration of travel rushing back. The promise of adventure and the unknown. 

If you had asked me 6weeks ago when nerves were settling in what I would be doing my answer probably would have been "trying to find work" as back in Britain I had become a bit of a disillusioned work-a-holic who just wanted freedom from the norm but actually couldn't imagine anything but working. Now I am looking forward to another few weeks of travelling and buying experiences and memories before I have to settle in one place again.

It's strange, I feel more myself than I have in the last few years. I've half turned into my Grandma, if someone sits still long enough I am asking them their life story. I'm really enjoying talking to everyone about where they are from and their experiences it feels like I have opened a side of me I have kept under lock and key. 

So today's 'chores'? Enjoy some sun, book a ticket and board a bus! Queensland I hope you are ready because I am looking forward to seeing you! 

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