Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Darwin - Darwin Days

I figured while I am sorting my blog for the next few days with all my travel posts from the last 2 weeks I should probably post about what I am currently up to as well. Maybe it will make a nice little break from all the G Adventure tour posts, maybe not but hey.

Currently I am in Darwin zapping through the free wifi at my hostel to catch up on my blog and trying to relax and have some alone time to get over my cold that started in Alice Springs disappeared and then came back again with avengence yesterday. I figure after running around so much the last few days I deserve some down time.

Darwin is a bit of a random city, it's the largest in the Northern Territory but I think it's best to think of it more as a town. I've been keeping myself busy with a day at the Lagoon before my travel buddies left to have a few days in Cairns, I will be joining them in 2 more days, watching Frozen on the lagoon lawns as our last night together which was fun. Fanny and I were signing all the words and poor Tom had never seen it before so he must think we are nuts, though in truth I think he probably already knew that. 

I said goodbye to them on Sunday morning and went and read my guidebook by the lagoon after having a look whee will be good to visit on the east coast, got chatting with a guy who has just relocated here from Victoria about my recent travels and then in the afternoon met Viv to take a wander around the Nothern Territory Museum and Art Gallery before taking in the Mindil Beach sunset market, which was a fantastic experience and one to tick off my Australian bucket list.

Yesterday my cold turned up but I dragged my sorry self out of bed early for breakfast in the hostel and off to the Job Shack with myself to set myself up for working in Australia. It's actually a really simple and I think I shouldn't have paid STA travel for this service because they basically gave me the forms and a map and told me to go out and do it. So I have applied for my Bank Account and Tax number and thanks to Kim I have an address to get my cards sent to and pick them up from when I am on the east coast instead of having to be stationary for a while.

I'm also setting up my phone number which with any luck will be working over the next few days, I'm just waiting for it all to activate still which is a bit of a pain but that's what you have to do I suppose. Today I have been driing copious amounts of tea and finishing all my blog work so that you lovely people can have a look at my recent travels. Before heading out this afternoon for a bit of a wander and then dinner.

I plan on spending most of my evenings in the hostel as I have been told a few times while it is safe there are about 18 men to every female in Darwin and I will get harassed, which I really can't be bothered with at the moment. The people are still friendly and I am not lacking for conversation as Australians are so friendly they will stand and chat with you, no worries. At first I really didn't like Darwin, I think I got too used to the remoteness of the outback but it is certainly growing on me.

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