Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Darwin - Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Something I wanted to do even before I first arrived in Australia was visit the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. I had heard they had a wide choice of food and that the sunsets were incredible. I wasn't disappointed.

My friend Viv and I hit the markets on Sunday as an end to Vivs holidays before she returned to work arriving early to visit the Northern Territory Museum of Art to have a look at the exhibits including Cyclone Tracy and 'Sweetheart'.  We then walked the coastal path through the botanical gardens to Mindil beach. After a quick browse of the slowly opening market we sat on the beach for a while in the sun.

Hunger slowly took over and we walked back to the now full set up market. I wish I could describe the delicious smells and sounds to you. The market became more and more alive the later the evening got and street performers ventured out with fire displays and circus tricks. It was such a marvel. I think everyone should go to the markets while in Darwin even if they are just passing through. It was the perfect way to spend an evening.

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