Wednesday, 8 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 16 02-10-14

I think by day 16 it was becoming apparent to the group we would all be leaving each other soon. It felt strange that we only had just over 30 hours left with each other and then we would all go our separate ways. After breakfast we headed into Kakadu. Nick had regained his voice somewhat over night and started to explain all about the park to us, as well as giving us a pop quiz to see how much we already knew.

Kakadu is a biosphere, which means it holds lots of varied environments with it and is about the Half the size of Switzerland in total. Today was mainly about walking for us again after having done Maguk yesterday and our first look out was up a short but steep hill so that we could see some of the expanse of Kakadu. We visited rock art and learned about the local indigenous dreamtime or creation stories. Something I have really enjoyed learning about has been the indigenous creation stories and culture.

After a spot of lunch under a shady tree and a visit to the Billabong where Mick Dundee killed the croc attacking the heroine when she filled her watcher bottle it was off to Ubirr for a long walk and lots more indigenous rock art. The climb to the lookout point offered us incredible views over the park, I could have stayed up there all afternoon. On the way up I made a spectacle of myself though as I tripped over and cut me hand and knee open, it was only a matter of time for a clutz like me.

Then off to our second campsite back toward the city as Lichfield would be our destination tomorrow. The campsite had captive crocs, a freshie named Fred and a salty named Brutus who liked to attack the engines on boats, hence his captivity. We slept on swags as it was too humid to sleep in them in the mosquito net inners of a normal tent. It was so nice to sleep seeing the stars again. 

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