Tuesday, 7 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 7 23-09-14

We left Beltana Station in the morning after watching sunrise and fussing Xenia (one of their dogs) a bit more and making sure we had everything packed. I could have honestly moved into Beltana station and been happy there I think. The sunrises and sunsets and the food make for a very impressive first impression.

We had quite a drive and there was a storm coming later that day that we needed to be ahead of or we would have had to skip parts of our trip and do a gruelling 10hour drive to our destination after tonights. Storms in Australia are just the same as in the UK, just on a bigger scale and even in the outback they can cause flooding. This being our problem because it would mean road closures between William Creek and Coober Pedy if we weren't careful.

We took the dirt road past the town/village of Beltana, which is very small and headed up to Lake Eyre a huge salt lake that will actually flood with water once every 5-7 years. Unfortunately we couldn't go down to walk on Lake Eyre this time with the storm hot on the horizon (and pretty impressive to look at)o it was back into the truck and off to our accommodation in William Creek.

William Creek has a total population of 12 people, so when we came into down we doubled their population. We stayed here for dinner and celebrated Chris's birthday in the cafe. We stayed in an American style trailer park with shower blocks, it has been by far the smallest room I have stayed in but luckily there were only two to a room.

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