Saturday, 4 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 4 20-09-14

Really early wake up from the Gaol this morning, I was up at 5am for a 6.30 leave time as my bag by now had exploded and I was struggling to fit in al l the things I had brought with me. I would love to say I am shattered but I seem to be turning into a morning person. On leaving the Gaol after breakfast we headed out on the road only stopping at a small town to have some mid morning food and tea. Though I did get to see Larry the Lobster a huge lobster statue by the side of the road. Apparently there are a lot scattered around Australia including a koala and banana, I am now regretting not taking a photo of it.

We arrived into Adelaide at about 12.30pm and checked into our rooms, the hotel was a welcome relief after staying in dorms for the last few days with only 2 in a room, a plush bed with extra pillows and an en-suite bathroom. It's funny what I have already I can live without, however i now feel I can appreciate these little things more because of this.

The group headed out to Glenelg on the local tram as it is a beach front location and with the weather being as glorious as it was we wanted to take advantage of this. We picked up a Nandos and ate it on the front, choosing here as a few of our group had never tried Nandos before and they did take away. Then a few of us went for frozen yoghurt which we sat and ate one the beach. It was so nice to get sand in my toes and enjoy the hot weather with friends and even though the sea was cool compared to the what of the day we went in paddled around and had a water fight.

In the evening we went out for Thai food as a group and a few new members joined us. It was a great laugh and although we wanted to go out and have a party, finding somewhere in a city you don't know was proving difficult so we returned to a room with some wine and played more cheat. Never play this against Christian as he is far too good at it.

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