Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mission Beach - Beach Hopping and Lazy Days

After a rather hectic Saturday driving around I was ready for a quiet day yesterday with plenty of rest and relaxation. It's crazy how little sleep I am getting used to living on however my cold unfortunately does not appear to be getting any better for it. 

We headed down to the supermarket to get a few bits to each for lunch and return our rental car only to find the supermarket was closed and the first shuttle bus back to the hostel was full. We decided to spend the 40 mins until the bus came back on Wongaling Beach. 

Mission Beach area is great for its extreme sports and on Wongaling the skydivers were just landing from the first jump of the day as we arrived. After returning to the hostel we decided to get some lunch and relax around the hostel to stay out of the heat of the day and make plans for our next stop before heading on a beach hop of Mission Beach and Bingil Bay.

The evening was spent packing in the hostel, learning a few new card games and having a bit of fun. Mission Beach is a wonderful location but I will admit to longing for a car again a little as when their is no public transport it really does make life easier. 

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