Saturday, 4 October 2014

G Adventures - Day 5 21-09-14

We left Adelaide after a lay in and a late leave time (8am) and covered lots of ground again today. We went out to a park where we ate breakfast in the sunshine and played on the playground. Our CEO suggested yesterday it would be fun to make a music video for the trek which we had all agreed would be a good idea and a bit of fun, so we started filming that this morning. When it has finally been release I will share it on the blog for everyone to see.

On the drive from Adelaide to our next stop in the Clare Valley I worked on my own video I am putting together of our journey, hopefully I will do a behind the scenes video too of our G adventure shoots. In the Clare Valley we stopped at Sevenhill winery for a wine tasting and some time around their grounds. I bowed out afte about 4 wines as I am not much of a drinker so it was going straight to my head, however what I did try was incredible wine and I don't think I have such light fresh white wines before.

Then we went into Clare itself to stock up on food and drink for the next 2 days of rural living and some lunch. Tom, Fanny, Sarah and I went to a place called Panchos for lunch and I got myself a right bargain. Steak burger, fries and a drink for $12.50! Which compared to some places that charge $18 for a vegetable lasagne made me feel I got a good deal, especially since the burger came with egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese and was nearly the size of my head, I couldn't get a deal like that in Britain! 

After the food shop, which I brought a lot of fruit as I think I am now craving it after a few days of unhealthy food and snacks, we headed toward our accommodation in Quorn near the Flinders Ranges. We are truly about to head into the outback and you can tell by the houses and size of the towns, which have decreased in size dramatically and I can only describe as looking like towns from westerns but with much prettier houses.

We checked in, went to play on a playground around the corner (yes even I am sure we aren't in our twenties mentally) and then food at the accommodation. Everyone was pretty tired so we all went to bed early though there were a couple of games of "cheat" first.

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